Semi-Custom Wedding Designs

Each collection in adjustable wedding designs are designed with simplicity but elegance. The designs are created to charm and make unique impression to every couple.

The semi-custom designa are designed from modern and simplicity perspective. It's designed to have more efficient design process that save both time & money. You will still get a one-on-one time with a designer that helps you with color themes & setup that suits you. I want to ensure you will get the best results for your wedding day.

The Process

01 / Discovery

You start by reaching out to me. We will talk about your day and which stationery designs and collection we want for your day. We will get into details about everything.

02 / Agreement & pricing

When we have discuss your needs for the wedding day I will list up the agreement between us with deadline, design style and pricing.

03 / Payment

All semi-custom designs are paid upfront unless we have some other agreemen

04 / Design

I will start to setup your designs in the style you have inform me about in our discovery meeting.

All designs are sent to you by mail for you to confirm that them before you get the files or printed materials.

05 / Delivery

On this stage I will send the PDF files to you if you chose to only get the design part made. by me.

I will let you know when you can pick up your printed materials.

06 / Review

I would love your feedback. I would love for you you to take few minutes and answer my questionary and make a written revie