The smallest details are so important. The envelope is the first think your guest will see from the stationary designs, make it a WOW moment. 

It's many ways to design the envelope. It's easy to make it and you can do it yourself. 


Colored envelopes
Find envelopes in the color theme you have choose for your big day. It might be expensive to ask the next printer shop to make the color you have chosen but there is so many places you might find very similar colors. I recommend Amazon to find beautiful envelopes. 


Do you have a logo design for the wedding? It's personal and you can re-use it on all designs for the wedding and also for the future anniversary celebrations. You can find pre-made logos that are budget friendly and they are adjusted to your letters, names and date. I have a collection of logos that you can look at.

Note it's service based product. 




Wax stamps
Wax stamps are so beautiful and creative. You can find beautiful stamps with flower¬†icon¬†for example. You can find then in most creative shops, I recommend S√łstrene Grene and Amazon. You can also have them produced with your own logo or icon.¬†




Ink Stamps
This is another way to mark the envelopes. Use ink stamp your logo on the envelopes. 

You can also do alternative from stamps or printing, stamps are beautiful and creative too. If you have logo or some icon you want to have on the envelope design it's ideal to print some stickers. You can ask the local printer to make them for you in any sizes or ask the designer for your wedding designs to make them for you in certain size that will be easy to print. 
You can purchase nice stickers online that are not personal, perhaps with ring icons or flowers. Try to search Wish or Amazon. 
Hope you found some inspiration in this Blog post ‚ėĀÔłŹ

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Asa Bergmann
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